Literat Politik – Political literacy, or literate politics.

With the dawning of social media, particularly Twitter, political discourse has been dropping to the lowest common denominator – 140 characters at a time.

Divisive tactics are being used by just about everyone in the political class, because it works for them – not the people.

As long as the people are fighting each other, they aren’t making sure that the politicians they elected are doing what they should.

If you’re tired of being a pawn in this game, then maybe you’re ready to start looking at politics like any other problem in life – something that needs to be solved, in the best way possible.

Here, at Literat Politik, nothing is entirely right – or wrong. Ideas matter, not necessarily who had them first. Big problems require real analysis, and solutions might come in bits and pieces from multiple sources. Again, nothing is entirely right or wrong, but there is merit in searching for the right combination of ideas to craft solutions.

Most of all, labels are left at the door here. They’re just the names people use to divide themselves.

Labels also make it easy to avoid addressing the real problems we are trying to solve. We spin our wheels arguing about why we are outraged, but fail to speak clearly about the underlying issues.

Literat Politik addresses issues with logic, as opposed to political bias. While it might be enjoyable to engage in heated arguments with people, the likelihood that either side will be persuaded to change their minds is slim. That also means that the problem under consideration will not get any closer to being resolved.

If either side had all the answers to solve all the problems, we would be living in a utopia.

There are no promises of utopia here, either – just a promise to avoid polarized arguments that lead nowhere. The radicalism doesn’t work. Continuing to push it with the expectation of a different result is the definition of insanity.

It’s time to be sane.