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Many conservatives, particularly on social media, practically brag about the fact that they ignore the media if it’s just a little left-leaning. So, it’s safe to say many of them wouldn’t know Ted Cruz’s re-election campaign isn’t doing as well as it could.

When outlets like Alternet can run legitimate stories about someone like Cruz making a major strategic mistake, “Houston, there is a problem.” Like it or not, that left-wing website was spot on when it pointed out that Cruz not appearing on CNN for a debate was literally handing his opposition, Beto O’Rourke, a huge advantage.

CNN already had the hour blocked out for a debate, so they had no problem converting it into a townhall for O’Rourke. Alternet was absolutely right when they suggested O’Rourke will use that time to build himself up, and more importantly, tear down Cruz. Just pointing out to Texans that Cruz couldn’t be bothered to show up for a debate implies that he isn’t particularly concerned with his constituents.

But, this isn’t the first time anyone has pointed out that Cruz’s campaign might be in trouble. Last month Rick Tyler, a former Cruz campaign strategist, said on MSNBC that his former boss might be in trouble this time around. That’s something else that would fall under the radar of those conservatives who are determined to ignore left-wing journalism.

No matter what, it’s difficult to say anything except that Cruz might lose to O’Rourke, and the likely reason for it will be hubris. In this case, both Cruz and conservatives who are choosing to ignore what is happening on the left in Texas are guilty. We’ll just have to wait and see in November if it proves to be a politically fatal mistake.

Liz Harrison

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