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“The Left in 2018: Unhinged” is the latest brainchild of the RNC, but it’s probably not going to make the impact that they had hoped.

While it’s true that the ad really is a decent collection of people on the left behaving badly, the fact is that people on both sides of the political spectrum have mostly reached a “state of meh” on the matter. Are Republicans still disgusted and annoyed by these vignettes? Sure. Are Democrats going to suddenly feel more ashamed than they have by these outbursts? Probably not. So, the ad’s existence isn’t moving anyone because it’s just illustrating the status quo.

If the RNC was hoping to cause anyone they featured in the video to feel the least bit ashamed, those hopes have been dashed. You know you’ve failed at public shaming when the celebrities are owning their bad behavior over on Deadline Hollywood.

In fact, the Republicans made a calculated error when they added the Kathy Griffin image with “Trump’s head.” Griffin rightfully questioned the situation, pointing out that when she did it, the primary complaint was that the photo frightened Barron Trump. So, the RNC is “okay” with scaring a First Child for the sake of a political ad?

Of course, there’s the obvious – the left has no problem owning their “unhinged” behavior because they believe that’s the only response. America is “crazy town” to them, because Donald Trump was elected president in the first place. They’re just fighting fire with fire. And honestly, the RNC might be proving the left’s theory with this ad. Sorry, but pouring gasoline on the outrage bonfire isn’t helpful, and does nothing to educate the public about anything that the Trump administration is actually doing. True, policy talk can be boring, but at least it isn’t more playing to the lowest common denominator.

Image: Photo by Elijah O’Donell on Unsplash

Liz Harrison

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