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When you have to admit that former Trump staffer Anthony Scaramucci is being the adult in the room, you know things are getting bad.

Anthony Scaramucci doesn’t have a reputation for being level-headed – on the contrary, he’s often characterized as a loose cannon. But, this week he’s showing signs of wisdom, in a way that few could have predicted.

Scaramucci actually bothered to suggest that Trump’s war of words on Twitter might be a very bad idea, at least in the context of the latest spat. Congresswoman Maxine Waters has been trying to gin up her supporters, and encourage them to act against members of the Trump administration whenever they are seen in public. This came in the wake of the Red Hen restaurant asking Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave.

Trump doubled down on the situation by making a veiled threat on Twitter against Waters:

And Scaramucci said this was “obviously not acceptable” during an interview on CNN. The fact that he was the messenger for this contention is notable to say the least.

Generally speaking, the rest of what Scaramucci had to say on the matter is absolutely correct. The verbal volleying between Trump and his detractors bears a resemblance to sophomoric taunting in a high school locker room. While some people are calling for civility – or in Scaramucci’s case, calling for the president to rise above the fray – the majority of the most vocal people on both sides of the aisle are intent on playing a game of linguistic limbo. The only question is “how low will they go?”

For those who bother to think about how future generations will view us, it’s fair to guess that Trump’s America will go down in history as one of the most counter-productive and mendacious administrations. It doesn’t matter what is accomplished, because everything will be viewed through a glass covered in mud. Scaramucci is right – it is time to stop playing like spoiled children, grow up, and focus on what is important. Or Trump can go down in history for being dragged down into the muck of the swamp he claimed he wanted to drain.

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Liz Harrison

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