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Trump already knows that his immigration policy is unpopular among many Americans, but now it’s being featured through a spoof site.

If Trump thought that his people were thorough when it came to buying out domains that are related to his business and name, he just found out that he was wrong. Gizmodo reported that some internet pranksters got their hands on the domain, and are drawing attention to the detention camps that have sprung up near our southern border.

Of course, the response to this will be predictable – Trump supporters will complain, and detractors will cheer. But, there will also be calls for the site to be pulled down, essentially calling for the government to curtail the First Amendment rights of the people who created the site.

As a president, Trump is entitled to be kept safe, but he is not entitled to being protected from having his views attacked. On the contrary, that is one of the bedrock rights enshrined in the First Amendment – we have been granted free speech and press for the purpose of holding our leaders accountable.

When there are calls for the removal of this site, it is important to recognize the hypocrisy involved. It is a fair guess that these same people had spent a fair amount of time pushing anti-Obama information during the last presidency. While they might point out that social media sites like Facebook attempted to silence them when they would do this, the comparison is nowhere near equivalent. Pushing politically charged information on a privately held website like Facebook is not the same as publishing content on a domain one has purchased.

As for this website, Trump is free to make offers to buy out the domain, and would be smart to keep a watch on it so that he could buy it up if the current owners happen to let it lapse. Otherwise, they’re free to do as they like with it, provided that they do not publish content calling for people to do harm to the president or any other criminal activities. Poking fun at Trump, or calling his policies into question in the public forum are not crimes, period.

While it’s easy to complain about this site, perhaps a better response from those who dislike it would be to start similar sites of their own. Tempting as it may be to keep up with the complaining about Hillary Clinton, it’s time to move on. She has officially retired from political life, and honestly isn’t a serious contender for any office at this point. So, do some homework. Who are the real potential contenders for 2020 on the Democrat side? Are there any candidates in the mid-terms who are just begging for satirical attention? But, don’t be a hypocrite.

Liz Harrison

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