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Hollywood writers may have inadvertently stumbled upon a powerful political tool that is in their grasp. The question is, will they really use it?

A handful (or more) shows currently are dealing with a voluntary “walk-out” by their writing teams. The cause is simple enough – the writers are fed up with Trump’s immigration policies. The challenge started with One Day at a Time and Vida, but has been joined by several other shows.

Generally speaking, this isn’t earth-shattering to the entertainment industry, but at least these writers are putting their money where their mouths are. In addition to striking, some are raising money for legal defense funds for the people caught in the middle – the ones who are having their children taken away from them.

The writers are also reminding the public that many of the people being detained at the border are actually asylum seekers.

It’s an issue that is getting lost in the heated rhetoric, but needs to be said. Most Americans should be aware of the fact that the countries of origin for many of these people are dictatorships – officially, or essentially. Yes, the people are fleeing from lives in poverty, but many of them are also seeking asylum because they have been targeted for death.

Because it’s a relatively small number of writers involved at this point, this protest isn’t likely to cause anyone in Washington to do anything. Arguably the conservatives who would need to act won’t, because their base would prefer to see those shows off the air anyway. Sorry, but the radical conservative followers of Trump might actually be rejoicing to see the writers of Handmaid’s Tale on strike.

The history of Hollywood writers’ strikes should be seen as a cautionary tale.

If the people in Hollywood truly are fed up with the bad behavior in Washington, maybe they should be looking back at 2007-2008. From November 2007 through February 2008, the Writers Guild of America went on strike, and Americans saw quite a lot of reruns. It was a relatively short strike, and the hardest hit shows were soap operas. However, there were few people in the country who were completely unaware of it.

The writers, because they were fighting to get higher pay, probably would have had some trouble getting sympathy and support from television show fans if that strike had gone on for a long period of time. But, what would the public response be if there was a strike over a political cause?

It is no secret that the political landscape of America is shaped by a very small percentage of the public. Activists have complained about this fact for years, while political campaign strategists have banked on it to put less-than-savory candidates into office. But, if politics spilled over to the point where even those who are blissfully unaware of the issues of the day were forced to pay attention, that small game could change.

We’ll have to see if Hollywood catches on to this concept. If it does, or if the Writers Guild of America decided to go on strike over this issue, Trump might find out exactly how popular he really is. Then he would have the full attention of the people who haven’t been watching the news.

Liz Harrison

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