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Idaho State Senator Dan Foreman apparently needs a remedial course in constituent relations, if the following outburst is any indication:

Good political consultants and campaign managers usually take at least a little time with a candidate, and explain that once someone is sworn into office that person needs to know how to deal with people he disagrees with completely. That lesson should include at least a few statements warning against having emotional outbursts in front of anyone while at work. State Senator Foreman must have missed that talk.

If the verbal altercation in the hallway wasn’t enough, Foreman apparently doubled down with his best impression of Donald Trump on Twitter, according to HuffPost. There, he further clarified his opinion that abortion is murder, and even pulled the name of one of his colleagues in the State Senate. All of the above have earned Foreman an ethics inquiry, and rightly so.

Perhaps the worst part of the entire situation is that the college students Foreman treated so atrociously wanted to speak with him about legislation that objectively would help stop women from wanting or needing abortions. It’s true that the students were from an organization affiliated with Planned Parenthood, but their specific purpose for being in the building that day was to promote two pieces of legislation related to birth control prescriptions and updating sex-ed standards in schools. But, Foreman was blinded by his hatred for Planned Parenthood, and failed to do his job – represent and listen to his constituents even if he doesn’t completely agree with them.

Image: Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Liz Harrison

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